Sunday, August 14, 2011

Does Love Really Lasts Forever?

I've been wondering if there is such thing as I will love you forever”. And if there really is, how come a lot of people still don’t believe in this magical, romantic phrase? Is it because they have a traumatic experience about loving and they come to curse such words?
If you believed in this phrase and or already told it to someone, how can you be so sure that you will love that person forever knowing that you don’t know what the future holds?

Seriously, a lot of couple keeps telling this on each other, but as soon as they fight and the conflict cannot seem to re-mediate anymore, they ended up separating. Some couple resolves the problem while some does not. You can see those couple, who decided to separate with each other, having different partners after a few months or years if the other one is too affected by the breakup (which actually happens).

The common reason why we said these words to our beloved is because of our current emotional feelings towards him/her. The sudden emotional burst which hypnotizes one to said something without having a careful thought. Love as an emotion may affect our reasons and decisions and being in love is the ultimate hypnosis we can give and receive. We set no boundaries just for the sake of loving and being loved. They said that love is blind, that’s why we accept the other no matter whom or what he/she is. This seems to be true in most cases and this proves how strong we indulge in the power of love.

Loving someone forever may seem impossible for others. Because along the way their feelings may fade so is love. But don’t get mistaken, love is different from feelings. Feelings fade and love doesn’t. It’s just a matter of interpretation of one’s definition of love since a lot refers love as feelings which shouldn’t be. Other people said that their love for their partner faded already. Asking themselves what should they suppose to do?

It is better to keep in mind that love is a “verb”. If you find your love to your partner fading away, it is a good chance to love him/her again. Start loving your partner. Acknowledge, affirm, understand, accept, appreciate, recognize, consider, sympathize, believe, and trust him/her. That’s what love is all about. It is an action word.

For those who refer love as feelings, it is impossible to love your partner forever, but you can love your partner over and over. Loving is a responsible act. Telling your partner that you love him/her forever is not enough. You must reflect your words. Love means to commit oneself without guarantee. To give oneself completely in the hope that your love will produced love to your partner.

Forever isn’t just a word, but a place. A place where two people journey to. So when love sends you there, don’t just say “forever.” Be there.


bo cheng hu said...

Love is a myth lol. You can't see it, can't touch it, don't really understand what it is, but you hear people saying it.

Miss Lego said...

Lovely. Lovely article, and I think it's an invitation to really experience love as it is. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Very nice-

Kristina said...

love is real.. it takes time, determination, and lots of strength.. just because two people might split up, doesn't mean they never really loved each other. they might have loved each other very much but they weren't "in love" per say. Because loving someone and being "in love" with them are two VERY different things... Or they might just need time away from each other, just like you love your family unconditionally but sometimes you need a break from them. Love is the same. And just because you cannot see or feel love doesn't mean it isn't real.
Seeing isn't believing, Believing is seeing... and if you just believe and have faith and open your heart up, except heart ache, learn from it, and never lock your heart up, you WILL one day experience it... <3

newsuperhuman said...

I think "I will love you forever" is a great wish to people. It's easy to say but not to do. But that doesn't mean people can't make it. As long as we live everyday well with love, respect, understanding and support, everlasting love can come true.

Anonymous said...

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