Thursday, July 7, 2011

Improving my Communication Skills

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I remember the times I stammered in speaking to a cashier in a fast food chain. That happened during my high school days, when my classmates and I decided to try the new product of that store. In fact, I did stammer when she ask for my order, which in turn giving me the wrong one. I admit it’s my fault. I didn't deliver the message to her clearly. That dilemma happens not just once but a lot of times whenever I’m conversing with others.

There is this time when I reported the signal of my mobile phone to my service provider and due to my poor communication skills the customer-support personnel ask me to repeat what I’m saying all over again. Even in my first job interview in a restaurant after graduating high-school, when the manager asks me to tell about myself, I expressed it horribly. Though, I can’t believe they still hired me after giving them such a horrible interview. Maybe, because of the schools credentials where I graduated and it they might also in need of man power during that time.

I only got motivated in improving my communication skills and eliminating my “stammering ability” when a friend of mind encourage me to apply for a call-center job. I told her that I have a problem conversing with others and what’s more, in call-centers you should be at least fluent enough in English which apparently I’m not.

This weakness of mine leads me to a realization that I should improve myself. I should improve conversing with others effectively. I can’t continue conversing like this forever. I still have dreams to travel across different countries, which a great communication skill is a necessity.

Setting-up a goal is the most common thing one must do. And as a pro-active goal achiever person I am, I looked forward in achieving it if I just put a lot of effort in what I’m decided to do.

Read… & read some more…
I need to practice my conversation skills right? And reading books is the first thing that came from my mind. Practicing & enhancing my articulation by reading out loud is the first thing I did. I started reading daily news papers, novels, autobiographies, fiction & non-fiction books, etc. I’ve got hooked-up on reading mystery novels written by Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which in turn makes me read some more of their extraordinary works. I habitually read newspapers in the morning and other readable materials during at night before going to sleep. The benefit of reading is that it not just only helps you improve your articulation but it also makes you knowledgeable.

Practice conversing with other people
Now that I’m articulate and knowledgeable from reading a lot, I started to practice conversing with people. Every time I buy something in the convenience store, I usually have a nice chit-chat with the cashier. This same routine also applied whenever I have my hair cut in the barbershop. While some other service personnel commonly do that to please customer, I’m grateful every time they start a conversation. I take that chance to practice and hone my communication skills. I also ask my best-friend to help me practice by talking with each other in plain English. Though we’re both not good in speaking in the said vernacular, at least we’re able to enhance it. J

Synchronized your left & right hemisphere of your brain
Studies shows that approximately 90% of people are right handed, and that means they use their left part of their brain frequently. To be good at languages & communications, you should use the left part of your brain in a regular basis. Communicating effectively requires the use of your left and right part of your brain. If you constantly use your right and left hand, your communication skills will greatly improve. In fact, if you can access both sides of your brain you open new possibilities, you are able to use much more of your brain power, and you will become smarter almost instantly once you access your recessive part of your brain. Try to watch this video to know your brain type.

When I decided to learn more about how to converse with others effectively, I came across of these facts on the web. There are also some suggestions on how you can be a right/left brained depending on your handedness. Use this tips if you are right handed.

  •    Using your left hand when you brush your teeth
  •    Writing with your left hand
  •  Sketching
  •   Learn to play musical instruments
  •  Solving mathematical problems
  • Play logic puzzles
Though I already know how to play guitar and other musical instruments, I still feel the need to exercise the right side of my brain a lot more. I practice writing my name, sketching and solving Sudoku puzzles with my left hand. I can see a huge improvement after a month. Not only in communicating with others but also in my personality. I started to like math, became logical and it also improve my comprehension and pattern perception.

Up until now, I keep on practicing my communication skills by actively participating in class by reciting, brainstorming, interviewing and by writing/blogging.  For more info on how to improve your communication skills, watch this: Self-Improvement Tips: How to Improve Communication skills.
Learning to communicate well with other people is a vital skill we should acquire since Communication is not only the essence of being human, but also a vital property of life. 


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nice tips. thanks..

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thx 4 da input. if u got any input, dont 4get to share with us

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i all so learning English this site is helping me more to improve English communication skills you may all so try this

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wow great!! you are working hard to improve your speaking skills..I salute that..I hope that my juniors/students will have the attitude like yours

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Practical conversing is of utmost importance for anyone who wishes to improve their communication skills. One should make this as a practice inorder to gain confidence to speak among peers and even in public.

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Since from the beginning of our school we should learn basic tips on communication. Therefore at the end of the day we are able to improve our communication. From here we learn some basic tips on how to develop our communication. And I hope while following these tips we are able to develop our communication skills. Thanks for this article.
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