Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 Ways on How to Build-up Self Esteem

Poor self-esteem causes you to judge yourself negatively inthe fear that you are worthless, inferior, or rejected. If you believe thatself-esteem can be created through other people, you’re probably mistaken. Youcan only redeem it by yourself.

Having a low self-esteem is like being vulnerable anddependent on how people evaluate you. You feel unable to take time-off withoutrisking the criticism and judgments of the people surrounding you.

The problem with most of us is that they implant rejection” in their lives.
Those whoreject themselves cannot be convinced to accept themselves by pointing outtheir personal worth or accentuating their positive qualities. The point isthey feel inferior, they feel worthless, they feel rejected. No amount ofpersuasion can convince them otherwise.

Consequently, beautiful people may actually believe thatthey are ugly; talented people may believe that they are inferior; and thepeople who are loved may reject the love they are so desperately crave-becauseof their past experiences. Maybe during their childhood times, they are toofat, too skinny, too tall, or too short that they tend to become so self-conscious.And being self-conscious can lead to decrement of self-esteem.

In fact, most people who reject themselves do so becausethey dislike their physical appearances. And if you consider yourself one ofthose, what am I going to tell you will be of great help.
Be Aware of Yourself

Gaining self-esteem is not a short term process. It is alife-long process of being aware of you, so don’t expect instant breakthroughs.

It requires such time because it involves clarifying values,goals, and priorities for your life. Remember, you are remaking a vital aspectof yourself, so allow some time to make the process work.

Here are some helpful ways to help you establish and build-up self-esteem.
  1. Realize that you are the only one who can giveself-esteem to yourself.
  2. Acknowledge the fact that you deserve what you wantedand you should act upon it.
  3. Pay for the price. For every decision we make,there is always a downside. For example, being a blogger increases myself-esteem, but it fills the slot of time I have instead of reading books, orhaving leisure. It is a matter of recognizing what is more important and whatis that you like most. And I think sharing my experiences and knowledge bywriting is more important than those I've mentioned.
  4. Have a positive mental attitude. Redirect yourthoughts with positive thoughts and feel yourself empowered with good vibes.You may read “Directing a Positive Mental Attitude to your Life”.
  5. Enjoy your leisure time. Cherish each moment forpleasure, productivity and health.
  6. Reward yourself for each achievement you gainwhether how big or small they are. Learn to praise yourself.
  7. Ignore downfall. Establishing self-esteem is thework of a lifetime. It takes persistence and patience to learn to like oneself.Continue to affirm yourself despite of the setbacks and downfalls youexperienced.
Building up self-esteem is the very first step in achieving the life you want. It is a vital key in becoming aware of ourselves and how to enjoy life to the fullest.


♥snoopy♥ said...

i like #4!

Anonymous said...

there are times that you lose confidence because you doubt to you capabilities. Nice post! i like your blog

Jael said...

@snoopy, thanks for liking my post,

@anonymous: Thanks a lot,you're right, there are times that self doubt is a common reason why we tend to lack self-confidence and self-esteem.

Somsi said...

Enjoy your leisure time is best

Niall Doherty said...

Great tips. One I'd add is to embrace your imperfections, or so-called shortcomings. Rather than just trying to ignore them or trick yourself into believing they are actually good things, see them as beautiful in their imperfection.

I lived in New Orleans for a few years and one of this things I loved most about that city was that the people there had an appreciation for the beauty in decay. A cracked sidewalk wasn't a bad thing there, it just gave the street more character. Of course you can go too far with this (e.g. way too many potholes in New Orleans!), but a healthy dose can definitely help your self-esteem.

Thanks again for your post.

Jael said...

@Niall, Very nice thoughts on that one. I like the way you treat shortcomings and the way you see beautiful things through their imperfections. Thanks for a wonderful examples and thoughts. I appreciated it so much. :)

Giovanni Rhidonni said...

At the end of the day, it’s how someone feels about themSELF, which will guide their life. Otherwise, you’re just on the constant look out for external validation: friends, family, boy/girl friend, random strangers, fans.

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Guaranteed results, if you follow the programs with discipline. Think you have what it takes to lead a confident lifestyle? I know you do.

Cheers and God Bless!


Jeanine Spence said...

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Michelle Owens said...

Good stuff. Thank you.

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