Monday, August 29, 2011

A Walkthrough to Lucid Dreaming Part 2

Image from the movie Inception

In my previous post “A Walkthrough to Lucid Dreaming Part 1”, I shared one of my best lucid dream experiences and how I started recognizing if I’m dreaming or not.

Recognizing that you are dreaming is very important in having a lucid dream. Because if you don’t know that you are just dreaming, you won’t have the chance to control it since you think that it is the reality.

I searched the internet to gather information on how I can start controlling my own dreams. There are dozens to look on to, but I checked them all one by one. There are lots of methods and techniques that I only remembered a few. I didn't learned how to lucid dream instantly right after reading a lot about it. I only keep one thing in mind. And that’s to recognize that I’m dreaming while my dream is in progress.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Walkthrough to Lucid Dreaming Part 1

I flew above mountain tops and seas while riding with my gigantic falcon as we glide within the mossy trees in California on where I found what seems to be the tallest tree in the whole planet, the Coast Redwood. We rest for quite some time at its peak as I fed my gigantic falcon-partner with a green apple.

My falcon didn’t like the taste but I still give him some anyway. From a distance I saw some men with chainsaw and axes heading to our location. There is no doubt that these men were going to put down the tallest tree on earth and I cannot allow that to happen. I and my gigantic falcon flew ahead their location and as soon as they saw our presence coming they run away in a panic.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How I Overcome My Dengue Fever

It’s very alarming that the number of dengue victims in the Philippines and in other Asian countries rises exponentially. I too have never escaped the wrath of this deadly infectious tropical disease caused by dengue viruses, which are carried and transmitted by the female, day-biting, Aedes aegytpti mosquito.
(See dengue fever in YouTube.)

I felt that I’m slightly feverish during the eve of Tuesday while at school and I decided to take-up medicine to hopefully regain my temperature back to normal.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Does Love Really Lasts Forever?

I've been wondering if there is such thing as I will love you forever”. And if there really is, how come a lot of people still don’t believe in this magical, romantic phrase? Is it because they have a traumatic experience about loving and they come to curse such words?
If you believed in this phrase and or already told it to someone, how can you be so sure that you will love that person forever knowing that you don’t know what the future holds?

Seriously, a lot of couple keeps telling this on each other, but as soon as they fight and the conflict cannot seem to re-mediate anymore, they ended up separating. Some couple resolves the problem while some does not. You can see those couple, who decided to separate with each other, having different partners after a few months or years if the other one is too affected by the breakup (which actually happens).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7 Tips on Having a Well-Managed Eating Habit

Ref. Google Images.
In this article I’ll talk entirely about having good eating habits since what I've observed in today’s era is that most of us forgot to eat right and properly. I understand how quickly the development of the world we live-in shifts. Children, students, employees, professionals or even those retired ones have busy environment and tend to forgot how to eat properly. I as well am guilty by this fact.

Last February, I have adopted a vegan diet, and started learning valuable things not just about the benefit of eating veggies but also about the benefit of having a well-managed eating habit.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

7 Ways on How to Think Out of the Box : Improving Creativity

Probably you already heard the term “thinking out of the box” right? If not yet, it simply means to think differently, unconventionally or from a new perspective. –Wikipedia

Thinking out of the box refers to one’s creativity in doing things. It is the creativity that separates one from the other who has donethings in a traditional way thus producing a genuine unique work.

Creativity is significant to every one of us. It is the inner-awareness of an individual and is capable of expanding our imagination. The one that enables us to visualize the uncreated worlds of potential that lies within us.

Socrates (469 BC–399 BC) has a remarkable teachings about imagination on one of his great lectures about the rationality of man. He said that what we think is what is real. And consequently, what we imagine can also be real.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One's Journey in Finding his Own Identity

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For me, my identity is still a mystery. There are some things about myself that I do not know. I always experience sudden shifts in attitude. Sometimes I am a happy-go-lucky guy, sometimes I am serious. Each person I’ve met knows me differently. Sometimes I act & think the way people wanted me to be. It really sucks upon realizing that sometimes I am a prisoner trapped by my own self. “Who am I?” & “what or why am I here for?”

Identity is really important to a person. Why? It is because it is his proof of his existence. It is the outer ego of the soul.