Friday, July 29, 2011

Awakening Consciousness: Serving the common good

People suffer mentally when they are facing major problems such as lost of their loved ones, bankruptcy, having a wrong decision, rejection, guilty, or failure. Some people reach their limit to the extent that they lost their wits or insanity due to the complexity of the problem they have.

In our country, the main problem is poverty. A lot of my fellow citizens can’t handle what life gives them which make someone lose his insanity or what’s worst that they commit suicide. Such problems are too much for them to handle that they tend to escape the reality thus causing an adverse effect on their humanity.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 Ways on How to Build-up Self Esteem

Poor self-esteem causes you to judge yourself negatively inthe fear that you are worthless, inferior, or rejected. If you believe thatself-esteem can be created through other people, you’re probably mistaken. Youcan only redeem it by yourself.

Having a low self-esteem is like being vulnerable anddependent on how people evaluate you. You feel unable to take time-off withoutrisking the criticism and judgments of the people surrounding you.

The problem with most of us is that they implant rejection” in their lives.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Becoming a Jack of All Trades

I never had known that I myself came to realize that I do possess a lot of skills already until someone already told me that I do have lot of remarkable skills. I feel flattered every time someone appreciates my skills and talents as an individual. Recently, I have a long chat with my classmate in school after the stressful examination week. We both share good stories with each other as we cover topics like almost everything we have common with. As I share my story, he was amazed on the things that I know, and the skills & talents I possess and I’m once again felt flattered about that. I haven’t talk to someone that long and share many things as what happened earlier. I feel grateful and thankful whenever someone appreciates me as a person.

“Jack-of-all-trades” he called me for the things, skills, talents I have shared to him. Never did that word came to my mind until this time. Do I possess lots of skills & talents now for me to be called like that? This question of mind sunk within me as I reflect to what we have just conversed with. I know that because of my experiences in life, I tend to adapt and master skills I needed to know in order to survive and comply with God-given problems I’m encountering. I acquired my talents because of my curiosity to learn such things, and my passion and drive in pursuing it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How To Overcome Negative Beliefs

Your teacher assigned you as the class president. She believes in your capabilities because she knows your true potential as her student. In your case, you doubted yourself that you might not be the one on that position even though your teacher & your classmates believe that you deserve it.
In workplace, your boss asks you to present a proposal on the upcoming company meeting. Like the teacher I’ve mentioned above, your boss also knows your capability that’s why he chooses you over all your officemates.  Again, you think you might not able to pull the trick.

These kinds of thinking are called negative beliefs. And this kind of belief may interfere and get in the way in achieving your goals and in becoming successful. The fact in holding negative beliefs in yourself is like limiting your own capabilities.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Etiquette v.s. Mannerisms

Etiquette, the manners and forms prescribed by custom, usage, or authority and accepted when people deal with each other, as correct or proper behavior– Colliers Encyclopedia
Etiquette is necessary to have an effective and well groomed personality. It is considered as an everlasting impression on the people you meet. This does not only refer about etiquette but also public mannerism.  Mannerism is any exaggerated style, distinctive traits, or behavioral habit of one individual.
Etiquette and public mannerism can be good or bad impression depending on how we behave. To have an everlasting good impression on the people we meet, we must possess a qualities to build a personality that is charming, decent, lovable and welcome anywhere & everywhere we go.

Monday, July 11, 2011

7 Rules on Setting Effective Goals

Being successful at reaching your goals is the biggest and most exciting gift you can give yourself. If you want to achieve fulfilling goals you must have to know what do you really want from life and have the awareness of how these things connects to your values and beliefs, and your ultimate life’s purpose.

Without setting your goal, you can’t acquire success; by committing your desires to the foreland of your mind, you make your purpose a reality. However, purpose is a long-range target and usually far ahead while goals are shorter. You may have a goal like achieving academic citations, starting a business, joining a charity for street children, running a marathon, etc.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Improving my Communication Skills

Ref. Google
I remember the times I stammered in speaking to a cashier in a fast food chain. That happened during my high school days, when my classmates and I decided to try the new product of that store. In fact, I did stammer when she ask for my order, which in turn giving me the wrong one. I admit it’s my fault. I didn't deliver the message to her clearly. That dilemma happens not just once but a lot of times whenever I’m conversing with others.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Reduce Your Stress by Relaxation

Going to hot springs or sitting on mountain tops are not the only way for you to learn to relax. If you’re a busy person who can’t have a spare time for relaxation, consider this article as a tool on helping you relax and reduce stress.
 Relaxation might be the perfect exercise for a lot of busy people including me. I find it very useful not only to remove stress but also to clear my mind and sometimes to combat fatigue.

Stress can contribute harmful effects to us. Some of these effects can lead to poor memory, poor concentration, confusion, depression, frustration, pessimism, short temper, irritability, headache, nausea, etc. When you know how to relax your body, you’ll automatically reduce the harmful effects of stress.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Completing Major Projects

As a student a student I have no problem with reading assignments or other work assigned in a regular basis; I only experience major task, such as completing a term paper. Not only me who is having a problem with it, but also for some others who find term papers to be time consuming. They delay until the time is past for doing an adequate job. If what I think is probably right, students can complete day-to-day assignments because other people have laid out their work and are providing immediate consequences.

On the other hand, a student who is given an assignment to be completed by the end of a semester might not have those immediate, externally imposed consequences. Being an electrical engineering student at day and a blogger at night, I usually procrastinate over term projects like thesis. Reconstructing my time table, maximizing my time & a self management approach might be the most efficient way.