Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Huge Transformation

The beginning
I have to share some story to all of you who wants to change their selves from a total badasss to a very hard working, intelligent and a nice guy. When I was in high-school, probably 2nd year to my 4th year I can say that I’m a total mess. I ignore studying and focuses on pleasures which has no significant meaning for me in the end. I joined gangs back there, cut classes, play computer games instead of going to school and learned stuffs. I have the same routine through out 4th year high school. And guess what is the effect of it?I fail to most of my subjects, but eventually came up to pass somehow  in the finals. I graduated high-school with an average of 79.2 and I don’t care of it during that time.
First job
I’m sick and tired of studying, listening to teachers, writing, computing & other nerdy stuffs. That’s why after I graduated high-school, I decided to get a job before going to a university. It’s a very good idea for me to stop during that time because were suffering from financial crisis. I was 16 and looking for a job, though I have an idea on where should I start or where would be my first job is. I tried to work in a fast food chain as a cashier/counter crew. In the interview, they said that I’m still young for that job, but luckily the interviewer is gay and had an eye on me and I did manage to get the job i applied for in my first try. Lucky me! :)
Having a job is great. I tend to become independent cause I have my own money and I don’t beg for my parents to give me some. While working as a cashier crew, I still manage to play with my bands. Most of the money I earn will be spend buying gadgets & some other stuff for my guitar, going to clubs and bars, having a drink with my co-workers and some to my mom cause I still live in the house where I grew. At this time, I haven’t think of going back to school to study. That’s because earning is so much fun! and I would rather choose to earned than to study.
Live the way I want
After working in a series of job, mostly in fast-food chains. I also worked as an online gamer under my Korean boss. Though the job can be called illegitimate, I earned good bucks by just playing online games like Lineage II and World of Warcraft. Not only that I’m earning money in that case, but I can also stay in the house and eat all I want, drink beers, smoke cigarettes and other interesting stuffs. If my boss is in a good mood, he would invite me to go to bars, clubs and drink as his treat. I live like I don’t want to end that job, but eventually after 3 months of playing rather working, the real game ended.
Years passed and I still prefer working. Not a fast-food chain crew like I was before, but a sales clerk in an  exclusive mall. This work is rather boring. I repeat it, it’s BORING. Imagine that all I have to do is to stand a long time and wait for customers to come and there goes my customer relationship skills I mastered during my times being a cashier. This job is so boring that I came up to an idea to look for something that would interest me. What I did to kill boredom is to look for the bar-codes of each product/shoes (because I was assigned in ladies shoes department) and add them all up, multiply, divide, do percentage calculations etc. That fact is like a mental training for me, and hell yeah! I did manage to kill the boredom I’m currently suffering in. I became a math nerd in computing those series of numbers. I kinda like arithmetic during that time. I made my job lively everytime I was working.
Finally found it
One time I passed by in a dvd stall on my way home, I looked for something interesting to watch( in my case it’s usually animes) I came to pick up an anime titled Deathnote. I was amazed how the plot of the story goes, and how does the main characters possesses superior intellect. I got really hooked-up in that movie, and I tend to boost my passion in learning new stuffs, That’s because the main characters are so intelligent and they are good in anything they’d do. By that time, I think I already found what interests me most. I think I’ve found the right thing for me in which I will excelled most. I think I now found what I’m most passionate with. It’s learning new things and becoming intelligent.
After 3 years of working different jobs, I’m so determined to go to college. I asked my parents that I want to pursue my studies and that i can start  in the coming semester. I prepared like hell for my entrance exam, and yeah i love that feeling! :) I started to feel that this is my passion. I’ve took some sample test online and I’ve got good results because of studying well for it. After weeks of preparing for the entrance exam, I’m pretty much confident to take it anytime.
The day of exam has come. My goal is not just to passed to exam. But to get a higher grade result in the test, if possible a perfect score in each subjects. I don’t hope, but I believe that I can.:) before leaving the house, I’ve prayed to get a good results, buy a mint candy, and set off to the university I would like to apply.
Test papers have been distributed, I did a quick scan of the questions before answering each subjects. Mathematics is first, and I did quite well even though I stop going to school for a long period of  time(almost 3 years). Due to my hobby of computing numbers in barcodes mentally, it comes very handy in my exams though a lot of algebra and some topics in trigonometry were given, I still manage to answer them all with confidence. Next is spatial knowledge, then vocabulary, followed by general information, and lastly science.
After the bloody entrance exam. I somehow manage to get them correctly not all items though, but majority of the test. Right now,  I can say that I'm having a sense of increase in myself. I'll talk more about this "sense of increase"  as you read more of my posts here. =)

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