Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sense of Increase

I remember what my professor in "Arts Appreciation" said to us last year in our class. He said that we should have a sense of increase in as we go along our life. What he particularly mean is that, we should gain something even just a little. There should be changes happening to us, a change that is consistently growing, developing, & nurturing within us. This sense are the positive ones. Let me cite an example, Jerry is an employee in a company that pays him just fine, he lives in an apartment that is just fine, he has a car that is running just fine. He keeps on living this life over and over again for years. Then, there comes a time that he realized that he should get a high paying job. He think of having the car of his dream. He think of owning his own house. He then suddenly changed his way of life. He started to seek knowledge and information he needed to achieve his goals. Though it wasn't an easy task, he dedicated his life in achieving those goals and believes that he can. He start looking for jobs that will pay him large enough than his previous job. He also think of starting a business that will surely hit the market, even though its a 50-50 chance. He keeps on thinking and acting on how he can achieve his goals.

The "sense of increase"  is on process. For being content is not just enough. We should think, act & follow our hearts on what we want. If we have a goal, we can achieve it if we just put a lot of effort and think of ways & act accordingly on how to acquire it. There should be a sense of increase in ourselves so that we can shape our humanity, develop ourselves personally, and become knowledgeable in everything we encounter in life.
This remarkable words of my professor became my starting point in life. I am very thankful that he teach us a wonderful lesson that can't be paid by some bunch of bucks. Up until now, I practice that way of living that, I should have a sense of increase whether if its physically, mentally, socially, financially, spiritually, emotionally & intellectually.

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