Saturday, July 23, 2011

Becoming a Jack of All Trades

I never had known that I myself came to realize that I do possess a lot of skills already until someone already told me that I do have lot of remarkable skills. I feel flattered every time someone appreciates my skills and talents as an individual. Recently, I have a long chat with my classmate in school after the stressful examination week. We both share good stories with each other as we cover topics like almost everything we have common with. As I share my story, he was amazed on the things that I know, and the skills & talents I possess and I’m once again felt flattered about that. I haven’t talk to someone that long and share many things as what happened earlier. I feel grateful and thankful whenever someone appreciates me as a person.

“Jack-of-all-trades” he called me for the things, skills, talents I have shared to him. Never did that word came to my mind until this time. Do I possess lots of skills & talents now for me to be called like that? This question of mind sunk within me as I reflect to what we have just conversed with. I know that because of my experiences in life, I tend to adapt and master skills I needed to know in order to survive and comply with God-given problems I’m encountering. I acquired my talents because of my curiosity to learn such things, and my passion and drive in pursuing it.

In my early years in high school, I learned to play guitar by self study only. I was just watching my classmate play his guitar and that triggers my curiosity to also learn on how to play it. I was engaged in learning such talent because I was amazed of his ability to play a song, and as a music lover I am, I then borrowed a guitar to my cousin and started learning to play it. As I thought that it was just easy as I think it is, boy I was wrong!
Learning skills and acquiring talents require passion and dedication.
And sometimes lacking these components can lead to failure in achieving and acquiring what you wanted.

There is this one good thing about me, and it’s the ability to be passionate and become dedicated in what I wanted. I’ve tried to know lot of things and whenever I know them already, I don’t stop learning for more. I decided to take it to the next level by having a further research on that thing and start gaining more knowledge about it. In fact, blogging is one thing I’ve started liking for now and I want to continue this as long as I am still passionate with it. And I decided to continue this for the rest of my life, since someone has told me a very remarkable lesson. See Inspiring lesson for life.

Acquiring lot of skills and talents is not because I wanted to be called “jack-of-all trades” but because of my passion in learning new things that’s why I’ve become one. I never regret on the things I’ve learned. Since learning is a God-given ability to mankind in order to appreciate life and live it to the fullest.
It is not hard to learn more.  What is hard is to unlearn when you discover yourself wrong.


Lea芳 said...

You are talented XD

Ronaldmohoni said...

wow, u can do it.

Anonymous said...

wow, ang galing m nmn ja! XD

Jael said...

@lea, thanks for the compliment, though i still need to practice my acquired skills & talents regularly to enhanced them more.

@ronaldmohoni, You can also do it.. :)

@anonymous: thanks, kung sino ka man.. hehe:)

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