Monday, July 4, 2011

Reduce Your Stress by Relaxation

Going to hot springs or sitting on mountain tops are not the only way for you to learn to relax. If you’re a busy person who can’t have a spare time for relaxation, consider this article as a tool on helping you relax and reduce stress.
 Relaxation might be the perfect exercise for a lot of busy people including me. I find it very useful not only to remove stress but also to clear my mind and sometimes to combat fatigue.

Stress can contribute harmful effects to us. Some of these effects can lead to poor memory, poor concentration, confusion, depression, frustration, pessimism, short temper, irritability, headache, nausea, etc. When you know how to relax your body, you’ll automatically reduce the harmful effects of stress.

When you relax or meditate, you focus your thoughts on something besides stressful thoughts for a period of time. This has the effect of mental clarity and directing it away to stress-causing problems. During your stress-filled hours, your body built up toxins and relaxing can help you clear away those poisonous substances stored in you.  When you relax your body and mind slow down. This ample time is sufficient to tackle difficult situations you’ll be facing along head because you’ll renew your energy and you are able to reenergize your outlook.

Here’s how to begin:
  •  Find a position that feels comfortable, either sitting or lying down. Make sure you won’t be bothered by external stimuli like noisy environment, too hot or too cold temperature, etc.
  • Slowly close your eyes.
  •   Begin taking slow deep breaths. Continue for some time until you feel yourself breathing rhythmically.
  •   Say the word “relax” silently to yourself as you breathe out.
  •   Focus on the muscles on your head and consciously relax them.  Move down to your eye area after feeling that your head seems to relax. Don’t move until you can feel that area relaxes.
  •   Move on to the sinus area of your face, and relax.
  • Do this procedure until you move all the way down to your toes, relaxing each section of your body.

This is just one very effective way of relaxing your muscles. I learned this method through hypnosis when I ask a friend of mine who is a psychology student in our university. I felt relax after doing it for the first time and he encourage me to have a deeper state of relaxation with meditation and self hypnosis if I’d like to know more about relaxation. If you, by any chance want to have a deeper state of relaxation, watch this video from YouTube.

Nevertheless, this procedure is necessary and is already a great help for a lot of busy people, probably like you. There are different ways on how to relax if you don’t feel simply on focusing on your muscles to get the job done. But for me this procedure works well enough in reducing my stress.


Kelvin said...

Wow, thanks a lot, i NEED this!

Wingker said...

Good advice, I like your blog alot. I personally use for help on stress related problems. It has so far managed to help me resolve my challenges in life.

Jael said...

@kelvin: you're welcome, I hope I can help a lot more. :)

@Wingker: Thanks, you can subscribe to my blog if you want to keep updated for my latest posts. :)

Anonymous said...

very helpful..

Effects of Stress said...

I'm always investigating fresh ideas on methods of regulate stress . If you do not regulate it, it will eventually consume a person!

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