Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One's Journey in Finding his Own Identity

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For me, my identity is still a mystery. There are some things about myself that I do not know. I always experience sudden shifts in attitude. Sometimes I am a happy-go-lucky guy, sometimes I am serious. Each person I’ve met knows me differently. Sometimes I act & think the way people wanted me to be. It really sucks upon realizing that sometimes I am a prisoner trapped by my own self. “Who am I?” & “what or why am I here for?”

Identity is really important to a person. Why? It is because it is his proof of his existence. It is the outer ego of the soul.
In my opinion, we have primary and secondary identity. Primary identity is our identity that we already have. This primary identity is our name, family, background, talents & hereditary behaviors. While the secondary identity is the primary identity that we have cultivated & the things we earned as a person. For us to become fully identified not just to ourselves but also to the mind & heart of others, we have to evolve or develop our primary identity in order to become secondary identity. We should know & cultivate more of our identity or else your stay is not making any sense. You’re here for nothing.

I think knowing & cultivating our identity will take some more time. You already have your name as a start, which is our primary identity, and you have the present & the future to cultivate it more and bring out something that is hidden inside of us. Knowing one’s self is like a seed that needs to be planted & to grow to know what kind of plant it is. Maybe you’ll say that by just looking at the seed you’ll know what it is but then, years are needed to know if it’s a tree that bears a lot of fruits. Knowing one’s own identity is also to be likened to an egg that needed to be hatched & to be developed to know it’s a beautiful swan that’s going to fly & touch the cloud that other birds failed to do so.

What I mean is that our identity should be heard and feels by other people. The fruit-bearing of the true entails the things that we have done for others. It’s up to you what kind of fruit you want to bear. The swan that’s going to fly high is our aspirations that we have to succeed. To make this possible, development is needed.

Development of oneself is the jigsaw puzzle pieces that need to fit together to produce a picture. There will always be mistakes at some point but then mistakes are needed to show if that piece really fit. Don’t be afraid to stumble; have the strength to stand up & pick it all up again. Development is essential in one’s own identity, it is the driving force and the foundation of each one of us to bear fruits & fly higher like a beautiful swan.

Time will always test us so that we will bring the best out of us and also the things that you never knew.
Who are we? For now, I think, we are who we are. We are made human beings so we have to act as a human being. A man that needs to show his manliness or a woman that needs to show her femininity. We are citizen ready to fight for the freedom of our country. There will always be things that will shock you as you grow, all you need is acceptance. Love yourself and act according to what is real. Act with purpose to bear good fruits. Always evaluate yourself. In the end, we are people searching for our life-long reward. Identity by the grace of the One who gave it.

An article written by Reinier C. Dalina, 19, 
electrical engineering student from the Philippines


Anonymous said...

very well said

gelovsky said...

Finding oneself has baffled people for ages. It's true that our inner core a.k.a identity evolves throughout the years as we mature and learn the ways of life, but I doubt if it should be heard nor felt by other people. Why? Because others might influence, take advantage and dictate how should we live our life. At the back of our minds, we may form this concept of pleasing other people or become a sycophant without really realizing what we want to be nor just be ourself. Like what the author said "We are Who we are" Thanks Jael for dropping by on my blog and leaving a sensible comment ^^ I really appreciated it. All the best on your blog ^_^

EmpayarUtama said...

Nice entry, thanks for sharing your friend's words. Visit fr Innit-Nuff

Jael said...

@gelovsky: Thanks for sharing your great thoughts on this one. I also agree that in the end, "we are who we are" since we are the only one capable of improving and developing ourselves. You are right when you said that others may influence, take advantage and may even dictate how should we live our life. It's just a matter of "being yourself" and when you do, all other external factors can be eliminated. :) I appreciated your well-thought comment ^_^

Jael said...

@EmpayarUtama: Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Feel free to read more of my posts. :)

bluedianthus said...

Wah..nice article.. I think I'm still searching for my true self until now. :)

Jael said...

@bluedianthus : Searching one's identity and purpose is a life-long process. I was also searching up until now for my true self just like you :)

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