Thursday, May 26, 2011

Manifesting Your Dream

We all have our own dreams. This dream might be about success, fame, love, money, power or anything what we wanted for or what we wish for in the present or in the near future. But for those who dream big, they'll surely find it difficult to achieve it. Fulfilling our dreams is not impossible. If we only know the keys in achieving it, nothing is impossible.
Below are the keys for the materialization of your dreams.

Know Your Dream: Think of it
This may sound obvious but basically, one should know exactly his/her dreams. Whether how big your dream is, think of it, imagine it. Keep thinking about your dream every day. Once you do that over and over again, your dreams will begin to move closer to you.

That's because you're sending a constant frequency in the universe. This frequency is your brain waves. If you keep thinking the dream you want in a constant manner, the universe will help you achieve it. (From the book "The Secret“).
The universe is like a television or a radio. If you provide it the right frequency, it will give you the right channel for you. That channel is the dream you want. Don't ask how it will happen, just think of it that it will. The universe will conspire to give it to you.

Do Something: Act upon it
Just thinking the dreams you want is not enough to achieve it. You have to do something. Act upon your dreams. Take your first action towards it. No matter how small the act is, the good thing is that you're acting upon it to make it happen. You're on the right track in sending the right frequency in the universe. As long as you're doing something to achieve your dreams, you're on the right path. Keep going!  =)

Passion in what you do
It is important to be passionate in whatever you do. Being passionate expresses yourself to give your best. Think of those people who don't like their jobs, they're earned money yet they don't get the satisfaction they're looking for. And also, they're not giving their best because they don't like what they do. They don't have a sense of passion in it. It's like being in an autopilot mode. Remember to keep in mind that whatever you do, you're doing something to achieve your goals. Put passion in it and you'll find yourself always giving the best that you can. By giving your best in everything you do will lead you to success.

 Believe: Never stop pursuing your dreams
This would be the last key in manifesting your dream You should believe. Believe in yourself that you will achieve your dreams. Believing is the most powerful element in this world. God gives hope to those who dream and miracles to those who believe so don't lose faith. Once you stop believing in conspiring your dreams, you're sending a bad frequency in the universe. You might lose the dream you always wanted. So don't stop believing... The universe will surely give your dreams at the right time.

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