Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sense of Increase in Relationships

It is very important to know what does sense of increase means before you continue reading.

Sense of Increase teaches us to gain something in every aspect of life no matter how small or big it is. Practicing the sense of increase helps me a lot in improving myself. That includes my relationship with my partner. I'm going to tell you how it helped me and my partner improved our relationship and strengthen our bond.

Always keeping in mind what does sense of increase means will help you improve every aspect of your life. Whenever you do things, ask yourself if you’re are benefiting or gaining something. By knowing your current status, you're becoming more aware of yourself so as what you should improve.

Becoming aware that you should gain something even in the small things you do. If you do that, you can eliminate mistakes & errors that's because you are focusing in improving your own self. The more you improve the better person you become. Improving yourself in terms of relationship can lessen the conflicts with you & your partner. I remembered when my partner & I fought after learning the sense of increase; I suddenly realized that I shouldn't be doing that. It's against my principle. It's against the teachings of sense of increase. And what I did after realizing that? I swallowed my pride-think how can I fix the mess and admit my mistakes.

Since then, I keep reminding myself that I should always improve. By improving myself for our relationship, my commitment for her grew stronger. I became more understanding, faithful, unselfish and unconditional. After that fight, our relationship got better. There are much lesser fights and misunderstanding than before. With these changes, I can say that our relationship improved. If the sense of increase works for me and my partner, so it will for you. For you to know what you should improve in terms of relationship, you must know what love really is. Knowing the real definition of love will broaden your mind and guide you to become a highly cultured being.

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