Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Highly Cultured Being: Become one

Ever come across of the term highly cultured beingMaybe you're thinking of different cultures like Japanese culture, African culture, culture of ethnic groups, etc. after reading the term. It's not the way you think of it. It is important for you to know that the term highly cultured being doesn't mean that the said culture is superior to the culture of an ethnic group or of other cultures. There is no high culture or low culture as all of them are just different. I want you to know my meaning of the term highly-cultured being.

Probably this is the first time you ever heard the term, since I'm the first one to coin it.
Highly-cultured being are people with outstanding personalities and intellect. Becoming a highly cultured being doesn't require a certain status in life of an individual. One must be hardworking; full of willingness; very dedicate and has perseverance. 

Being experienced & knowledgeable is the key in here. Our experiences in life serve as a lesson for every one of us. We should learned from that lesson and improve ourselves. The more experienced person we are, the more adept we become in dealing in every circumstances life will give us. Highly cultured people are very much adept. They are human beings that possessed lots of skills in dealing different circumstances as they face every situation. They don't stop in facing new challenges and acquiring more experiences.

Highly-cultured being are very knowledgeable because they always want to learn new things. They also have high standards of proper etiquette in which most people lack nowadays. They based on facts not on opinions, thus making them a good decision maker. They value and appreciate beautiful things as a consequence of their likeness in arts, as this are valuable sources of inspiration, and aesthetic & delightful experiences. They're known to have a high average of emotional intelligence and are equitable in treating other people.

To sum it all up, highly-cultured beings are excellent people who have good morals & conduct, and live their life not just for their own sake, but also for the sake of humanities.
In order to become a highly-cultured being, one must know these things & adopt it. Imagine if a lot of people follow this philosophy, people will tend to help each other and live an honest life. If that happens, crimes will drastically decrease and there will be no more corrupt government officials & politicians. That way, poor & oppressed people will not be isolated in the society anymore and will live their life in abundance.

It is important for you to know that improving & developing oneself will not just help you become a successful, but it can also help you find meaning & value in your life. This blog site serves as a stepping stone for that, and it will guide you for your personal development & excellence, and thus transform you to become highly-cultured, dignified & respectable human being.

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