Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspiring Lesson for Life

Mixed emotions filled my room as my cousins, friends and I watchedthe 2011 NBA Finals thisearly morning. I've felt nervous for the outcome of the game as the twobattling teams keeps on fighting to win the match. They gave all their best andnone of them shows any sign of surrendering. Every time I watched abasketball game, I always remembered what my college professor in Physical Education toldus. He was then a coach of our university's basketball team and teaches basicbasketball to 2nd year college students.

On our finals, we have been dividedinto four teams and were set to compete with each other. The members of thewinning team will achieve a grade of A+. It's quite a grade he's offering backthere and almost all of us want to win each match. Luckily our team manages to go to the finals (though we only hadto beat two teams in order to get there. lol) and now set our foot to face theopposing team.
I've noticed that they had a lot of bigger guys than me which iscurrently 6ft in height. Its so obvious that their team might win the match asthe members of their team has a lot of potential and taller players.

As the game goes on, we were trailed by a significant number ofpoints that made me and my other team-mates to almost give-up. Someof my team-mates are already complaining that we should stop the game sinceit's so obvious who'll going to win the match. Until there's only 10 minutesleft in the game clock, my professor stood up and gather all of us. Wewere surprised and thought that he decided to stop the game alreadybut it doesn't happen that way.

The reason why he wanted to gather us all is to ask aquestion. He asks what we thought we should do if we're told during a game thatwe only had 10 minutes left to live. Each of us pondered for a momentbefore giving answers in turn. "My answer was, 'to ask God to forgive mefor my sins', but our professor shook his head. My next classmate suggested'praying', someone else said, "Call my mom", and so on until we haveno more answers to give.

We all fell silent and waited for him to give his answer:"Just go ahead and shoot the ball to the ring."
That lesson taught me that "when you are doing something, finish it. It may not be noble or virtuous, butin everything you do, just do your best and finish it." So the next time you started anything you wanted to do, be sure to give your best and finish it no matter what would be the outcome. :)


lei_angels01 said...

nice post! no matter what you've started, don't leave it undone. ;)

Philip Khor said...

excellent post!

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