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Best Methods on How to Give Up Smoking

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Smoking is definitely a cancer in the society. Anybody knows why right? They said it kills, and yes it really does. There's a lot of disease you can get by smoking. You can search the web for related facts about diseases you’ll get from it. For more understanding on what does smoking do to you, watch this video from YouTubeNevertheless, the most common disease you’ll get is addiction.

 I consider addiction as a disease since it is so hard to get rid of this habit once you’ve been into it. I’ve tried smoking when I’m 18 years of age and during that time the main reason I’ve started smoking is because of the influence of my band-mates and friends. Every time I’m with them I can’t help to not noticed that I’m the only one in the group who doesn’t smoke.

I gave it a try. At my first day I only smoke 1 cigarette and I felt dizzy afterwards. I didn’t kind of like it at first, but I eventually did continued to smoke on the succeeding days. 2-3 sticks after a week, and 1 case of cigarettes per day after a month. That habit continued for a year and I amazingly stopped it when I learned the “sense of increase” from my professor.

Eliminating completely the habit of smoking is not as easy as I thought it would be. It really requires discipline, determination and will power. Here are the methods I used that helped me give up smoking:

Method 1:
Candy instead of Cigarette
Every time I feel the urge to smoke, I discipline myself to have a candy instead of cigarettes. The sweet taste of the candy kind of helps me forget the bitter taste that still lingers in my mouth due to smoking.
Eating candy as alternative for smoking is not the best way to completely remove your addiction, but it somehow helps whenever you drool because of the absence of it.

 Giving up cigarette is really hard and it requires you to be mentally prepared. Once you've decided to eliminate it in your system, you must acknowledge the fact that you won’t smoke anymore no matter what the circumstances are. Have a candy instead. :)

Method 2:
Be with the Group of Non-Smokers
This method will actually force you to stop smoking for a while. Since non-smokers hates to inhale the hazardous chemical you breathe out whenever you smoke, it is better to be with them for you to eliminate that habit of yours. This very fact helped me when I started to give-up smoking. 

I was then studying in college and decided to leave the band because of my conflicting schedule. I started to look for friends that are academically-focused which in turns to be non-smokers. I joined them for quite some time and I've noticed that I frequently smoke anymore. 1-2 cigarettes in a day seem to be a huge transformation for me. The first stick is in the morning before going to school, and the next one is before going home. 

I was so busy that time with my witty friends that I forgot my deadly habit of smoking I’ve been used to. It is really effective since my rate of consumption of this deadly stick dramatically decrease.

Method 3 (Best Method):
3 days – 3 weeks – 3 months – 3 years mission
I prefer this method as the best since this method is the one that helped me totally give-up smoking. Here’s how this method work:

Set yourself in a mission that you must not smoke for 3 days. After completing 3 days of smoke-free, set yourself again for another mission that you mustn’t smoke for 3 weeks. If you once again fulfill that mission, set yourself again for another mission which is a smoke-free for 3 months. After fulfilling it once again set yourself in your final mission to continue what you’re doing in 3 years. I assure you that you will surely give-up smoking with this method since this works for a lot of persons I know who adopts this.

During the 3-week mission, I started drooling for cigars and the candy-thing I’ve mentioned above will do the trick. I was tempted to smoke one cigar in my 3-month mission and it is sad that I have to repeat the process and go back to my 3-day mission again. The rule of this method is that once you smoke, you should start all over again from the beginning. I repeated two times before I finally started my 3 year mission. Now, I totally forgot that mission since I don’t smoke anymore. I think it’s already 2 years and 6 months since I started my last mission, and it feels great that I somehow manage to give-up smoking completely. 


Glo-w~* said...

CONGRATS! great infor here. i think it boils down to determination and will power <3

Jael said...

thanks.. hope i can help others by sharing this experience of mine. :)

Abiel said...

Nice on Jay... I also created a similar post... but this one is an extreme solution..

How to Quit Smoking!!!

Abiel said...

Oppss.. wrong link...

here's the right one.. How to Quit Smoking!!!

Jael said...

@Abiel thanks for sharing your link. I've never tried sniffing cigarettes ashes and definitely would never ever be. :D nice post anyway! :)

y--square said...

WOW! your articles are so great that I thought we plagiarize them from some other places! Good job *thumb*

Jael said...

@ y--square Thanks. please feel free to read more of my posts. :)

Ronaldmohoni said...

great info.

Anonymous said...

this might help, thanks for the tips. ;)

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