Monday, June 20, 2011

9 Tips on How to Maximize Your Time : Increasing Productivity

People nowadays are so busy. They've been bombarded with a lot of things to do. Employees are being pressured by deadlines, students preparing for exams, or parents doing household chores. These are just some of them from a thousand of reasons in why we tend to be so much busy. If you consider yourself as one of those busy persons in this world, this article might be of great help to you.

Here's the cliché, Most of us believe that managing our time will do the trick in our busy  environment, but what we should do is not to manage it.
We should maximize it. In this article, I've listed some tips on how to maximize your time. This helps me on my hectic schedule I currently have now.

1. Organize the things you want to do.
-Organize the things you wanted to do by setting up a prioritization on each task you want to handle. You should know what would be the most important and the least important task. Usually, I set my most important one to be the first in my priority list since they're the ones who need immediate completion.

2. Have a list of your task
-I prefer jotting down the things I would be doing on my memo-pad/notebook whenever I sat on my table. There is a great tendency that we forgot some of the things we should supposed to do by just remembering it.

3. Take note of your leisure time
- Set aside available time for your leisure. Even in our busy hours, it is important to have a free time for relaxation. Doing the work for a day without providing yourself spare time for your leisure will make you stressed and that can lead to fatigue. See related post : Be Productive: 6 Ways How to Overcome Fatigue

4. Waking Up Early
-For you to do a lot of work in a day, waking up early is the most promising tips. My wake up time is 6:30 or 7am. By that time I was on my desk writing my schedule for the day in my memo pad. By 8:00am I already taken my breakfast then take a bath. I'll refer to my schedule after taking a bath.

5. Lists of available time
-Jot down your available time as these are the times you need to have your leisure, break, meals etc. Having a fixed time for this is much better so as to avoid disorganized schedule.

6. Keep track of time
-Keeping in track of time will speed up your work and might finish it early. Being aware of the time surges your adrenaline which can be useful when doing a lot of task. Have you ever wonder how did you manage to finish a project or something within a day if the deadline is tom?

7. Completion vs. Perfection
-There is a huge difference between completion & perfection. We do want to get the job done early so that we can move on to the next thing we should or wanted to do. That is good. If you think you did a better job. If your finish the task with half the time you assumed it might consumed in doing it, better check your work again. Completing a work/task very fast but having poor results is not productive at all. Don't rush your thing, and take ample time for its completion and perfection.

8. Know when does your mind becomes productive
-There is a certain time of the day when our mind comes very handy. My mind is at its peak during morning, and late at night. I practically use these hours for the things which requires the use of our brain. (E.g. assignments)

9. Multi-tasking
-If you really want to maximize your time and accomplish every task with speed, multitasking is the best option for you. Multitasking means the ability to execute more than one task at the same time. This is very common in computer tasks since you have only one workplace, and that’s in front of your computer. Tough I found it hard multi-tasking if you are doing something that requires your analytical & critical thinking skills. Solving mathematical equations or problems is one great example since you focus and concentrate on solving it too much that you don’t want to make your mind wonder. 


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