Friday, July 29, 2011

Awakening Consciousness: Serving the common good

People suffer mentally when they are facing major problems such as lost of their loved ones, bankruptcy, having a wrong decision, rejection, guilty, or failure. Some people reach their limit to the extent that they lost their wits or insanity due to the complexity of the problem they have.

In our country, the main problem is poverty. A lot of my fellow citizens can’t handle what life gives them which make someone lose his insanity or what’s worst that they commit suicide. Such problems are too much for them to handle that they tend to escape the reality thus causing an adverse effect on their humanity.

Every day I watch news about crimes flooding the country. Every day as I walk to school I saw beggars on the side street. Some are blabbing something to their selves, suddenly bursting to laughter and even sometimes screaming without knowing what’s going on their mind. I wonder what is the cause of what they have become is.

 I felt pity for these people in such a way that they already lose what is so called “common good” that they may contribute to the society. For people, who are tormenting from the wrath of the complexity of their problems. These very facts awake the sleeping consciousness inside of me. I felt the need to become a conscious being for the things I’ve seen and observed.

Not all the things we have are also seen to other people, such status separate others to those people who can afford the expenses of living the way they want. Let’s face the truth, “we are not all born equal”. In our current status, I consider myself between average and poor because sometimes we are also having problems financially. When I was young I complain a lot about our status of living. But my mom, always telling me that we should be grateful for what we have. She’s right. As I grew up, I become more conscious to my surroundings.  I learn to become grateful for the things we have because I know a lot more are suffering for the lack of resources they need in order to live a content life.

I’m thankful for the life I have now. I’m thankful for I have a home to live in; for the food we eat; for the education my parents gave me; & for a loving family that I have. I value what I currently have now, and I want to contribute the “common good” to other people who can’t afford life that they deserve. Those people who live under the bridge and sidewalks, for the people who eat what we have already thrown in the garbage, for those people who haven’t had the chance to finish or even go to school, and for those who are wanderer of the society for they are all alone without a family to begin with.

(Commemorating the Earth Day)

I have watched the film the inconvenient truth in our class this morning and I can say it increases my consciousness. My consciousness of knowing what would be the effect of global warming to mankind. And it is really an eye opener, because of the evidences that they’ve shown. It shows the alarming rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere causing the globe to heat-up. It also states that around 50-60 years from now, earth would never be the same as it is. There would be a huge alteration in the planet. And this is going to happen if we don’t do something about it. Imagine your child and grand children which suppose to be enjoying the planet you have lived. But unfortunately, what was left for them is an already rotten earth. Do we want the future generations to suffer?

As an engineering student, I know I would play a huge role when I become professional someday. It is my initiative mind that tells me to do something to prevent unwanted events in the future. This awareness of mine is my driving force to contribute for the so called “common good”.

I already said the word “common good” the second time around, but what do I exactly mean?

Common good is the initiative act of an individual to prevent or eliminate undesirable events thus sharing something beneficial for the sake of humanity.

We human beings are born rational and that’s our difference from any other species here on earth. It’s the ability to think. This ability is given to us by God to nourish & use it not just for ourselves but also for the sake of beings and species. We should learn how to use our capabilities to the highest good of all.

In my current state, I know I can’t contribute much. I only have limited resources in order to comply for my needs. Maybe you are also in the same position as I am. But, if its money which stills us to serve what we ought to do, there are other ways in which this can be done.

Start with your own little ways. You can actually think of simple ways on how you can contribute to the common good. Mine is by blogging. In fact, this post is actually my own little way to serve you by helping you grow as a human person. I want to awaken people’s consciousness for them to be able to contribute whatever they can for the betterment of their selves and of others.

So, what’s the purpose of telling you all of this? I know you’re busy with all the work/things which bombard you. But that doesn’t matter, spending 5-10 minutes reading this post is the time you need in order to awaken that awareness within you and become a conscious being.

Remember, we are not just living here on earth to do whatever we want, for the sake of our own happiness. We should also be aware of the things that are happening around us, and learn to contribute something in our own ways. As the old saying “no man is an island” goes, we should learn to value and enact it even more.


Niall Doherty said...

Hi Jael. I agree with you completely on this. I also believe that what's truly best for the individual is also best for the planet. The cell can't survive without the body, and one cancerous cell is it all it takes to start serious problems.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jael said...

Thanks Niall, you have a nice thought on this one. I appreciate you also have the same perspective as I am. :)

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