Saturday, June 11, 2011

Be Productive: 6 Ways How to Overcome Fatigue

Being tired and stressed-out make our body less productive. One way to become a productive person is to have an energetic body that can last for almost a day without feeling tired. How can we do that? It's simple; eliminate what makes your body tired. Fatigue is an unproductive state of our body in where the body lacks energy to do the things we want. If you're always got stressed from work or in school, it could be number of reasons. Here are some simple ways I've been following for years.

1. Unbalanced Protein and Carbohydrates
I've noticed that whenever I take lunch that is high in carbohydrates but low in protein, I feel tired and sleepy in the afternoon. That's because carbohydrates increase the production of serotonin(a calming chemical produced by brain). It doesn't mean that, you may not need to decrease your overall carbohydrates or your protein consumption. Try to take a meal that has a balance of carbs & proteins. This may help you on your slackness during afternoon.

2. Oversleeping
Remember our biological clock that determines when we are sleepy and when we are alert? Oversleeping may upset your biological clock and may lead up to fatigue. Researches say that it has something to do with the body's release of cortisol (a hormone associated with alertness). I've been experiencing this whenever I overslept during weekends. My body feels so lazy as soon as I wake up in bed late. It is better to wake up every morning at about the same time by going to bed early, not sleeping late.

3. Don't stress your eyes
Twisting my body into awkward position and leaning forward into the computer screen are my habits before, and I tell you as for experience, It can affect your vision which may also leads to fatigue. Having problems with our vision can halter concentration and thus causing fatigue. Have a break whenever you feel your eyes tired. You should take a 3-5 minutes break from your computer, paper works, etc. or have your vision checked by your ophthalmologist.

4. Drink plenty of water
Drinking NOT enough water will make your physical performance decline. That's because when our body's fluid decreases, our blood volume also decreases and can bring to fatigue. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily is terrific. I normally drink 10-15 glasses of water since I've been exercising a lot and also the weather is hot here in our country(except for ber-months).

5. Surrounding Colors
Be aware of your surroundings. What I mean is the colors of your surroundings as they can also affect our health. Dark & gloomy colors can make you both fatigue and depressed. Adding warm colors to your environments such as red, yellow and orange can be a quick cure for your fatigue. Have you noticed that whenever you have a headache, looking upon green grasses, trees or fields can make you feel ok? That's true since that color is very refreshing to our eyes. Remember that having problem with our vision can cause fatigue. Placing few items with warm colors should do the trick. Don't fill your house or your environment too much of these colors, as too much is not always right. :)

6. Being Pressured

Being pressured of something like deadlines for paper works, school projects, reviewing for exams or excessive worrying can be stressful. Being stressed can lead to fatigue. During my stressed days, I've been doing a simple trick to overcome it and that's by breathing deeply and slowly. There are a lot sites that helps you reduce or prevent stress. Here's what I followed: or you may want to reduce your stress through relaxation see Reduce your Stress by Relaxation.

Always remember that having a healthy & productive mind/body will help us gain satisfaction and may also help us achieve what we want.


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